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Fighting a speeding ticket vs. going to court

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Traffic infractions in Georgia include less serious traffic offenses or moving violations that rarely involve crime, such as speeding. Most states still take speeding tickets seriously, so they go on a driver’s record as points. However, a driver has the option of paying the fine or going to court.

Paying the ticket

The national average cost of a ticket is $152, but Georgia has the highest fines that surpass several times that amount. The fines depend on how many miles above the speed limit the drivers exceeded. Some drivers don’t want the hassle of court and would rather pay the ticket, especially with no valid defenses.

However, not fighting the ticket could result in points added to their license. Too many points added to a license may result in license suspension. A speeding ticket in Georgia commonly gets two to six points added to a license.

Speeding tickets commonly raise insurance rates, even for someone who never had a ticket. This can cost the driver hundreds of more dollars per year in premiums. If the driver thinks the won’t get another ticket in the next several years, then paying the ticket could be the best option.

Going to court

Sometimes, court could be the best option, even if the driver knows the ticket won’t get dismissed. Officers don’t always know the law, and their speeding detector may be inaccurate. Even if the driver has to pay the ticket, how far they got clocked over the speed limit makes a difference in the cost. As a defense, the driver could read about speed detection equipment.

The officer also has to show in court to prove the driver violated the speed limit. However, defendants shouldn’t count on an officer not appearing. Some courts allow a driver to delay cases to gather evidence or take driver’s education instead of paying.

The consequences of traffic violations can last for a long time, even for the first ticket. Drivers need a good defense team to fight the charges.