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Can the police lie to you to get a confession?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you are like most people in Georgia, you understandably have some misconceptions about the U.S. justice system. Among misconceptions you may harbor is that police cannot lie to you in an effort to obtain a confession to a crime.

Law enforcement can lie to obtain a confession

The reality is that under U.S. criminal law, police officers have the ability to lie to you to obtain a confession to an alleged crime. Law enforcement officials across the country may decide to lie to suspects in an effort to elicit a confession from them.

The right to remain silent

The United States Constitution bestows upon you the right to remain silent in the face of questioning from law enforcement officials. You do not have to respond to questioning from police or any other law enforcement official.

If a police officer seeks to question you in regard to a crime that is alleged to have occurred, rather than becoming enticed to make a statement in response to potentially false comments by law enforcement, you can decline to respond. Advise a law enforcement official that you want to speak to a criminal defense attorney.

You can schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney to discuss your legal rights when you are subject to a criminal investigation. You may be able to best protect your constitutional and legal rights by proactively obtaining legal representation. Police can try to manipulate you when you are the subject of some type of criminal investigation, so it’s wise to ask an attorney for advice. A Georgia criminal defense lawyer might schedule an initial consultation at no cost.