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Types of Georgia court hearings

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Facing criminal charges in Georgia can be overwhelming. The state takes the law very seriously and will hand down severe penalties for serious crimes. There are a variety of types of court hearings that take place in courtrooms throughout the state.

Arraignment hearing

Under Georgia criminal law, an arraignment hearing gives the defendant the chance to hear and get the charges against them. They can also enter a guilty or not guilty plea. If the individual pleads not guilty, there will be another trial by jury or in front of a judge scheduled for later. However, if they plead guilty, the judge might hand down sentencing or schedule it for a different date.

Jury trial hearing

A jury trial hearing may be scheduled if the defense chooses it. The victim and witnesses also receive a subpoena to appear. However, those subpoenas are considered “on call,” which means you only appear if you’re notified to do so.

Non-jury trial hearing

According to criminal law, the defense can also request a non-jury trial hearing if they choose. The victim and witnesses receive subpoenas and must appear on the dates they are informed of on those subpoenas.

Motion hearing

A motion hearing occurs before a judge. Its purpose is to determine whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. The state presents testimony from witnesses and produces evidence so the judge can deliver a verdict. A subpoena is issued requiring you to appear for the trial with the date included.

Plea hearing

Per criminal law, a plea hearing occurs if the defendant has pled guilty so the judge can issue a sentence.

No bond hearing

As one of the special set hearings, a bond hearing occurs so a bond amount can be issued to the defendant. If the defendant can make bond, they can pay it and be free until the next court hearing.

Jail calendar hearing

This is another special set hearing that occurs inside the county jail. If the defendant pleads guilty, a judge gives them a sentence. The victim can attend the hearing if they choose but have the option of video conferencing.

Domestic violence hearing

A domestic violence hearing allows the defendant to receive and hear the charges against them. If it’s their first offense, they may be able to complete a program and have the charges reduced or even dismissed.

Magistrate ordinance court hearing

The Magistrate Ordinance court hears cases related to code violations and animal violations.

If you face criminal charges, you must take them seriously. Having a good defense in your case can only help you.