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Serious Defense For Drug Crime Charges In Georgia

Make no mistake: Georgia takes drug crime charges very seriously. The penalties can be extreme, even for charges involving some of the less serious or dangerous drugs. If you have been charged with possession, delivery or other charges involving controlled substances, make sure you work with a lawyer who knows the law and has a proven record of success in drug crime defense cases.

Attorney Stacy Levy, is a fierce advocate who can help you. She brings to each case over two decades of legal experience, all focused exclusively on criminal defense matters. She understands the seriousness of drug crime charges, and she has a track record of successful criminal defense. From your initial consultation to the final conclusion of your case, she will work with you personally, help you understand the options available to you and walk you through every step of the legal process.

When your freedom and your future are at risk due to drug crime charges, trust only the best. If anyone can find a way to defend you against drug charges, Stacy Levy Law can.

Georgia Takes Drug Charges Seriously

When charged with a drug crime in Georgia, be prepared to face the potential for serious penalties. Georgia puts controlled substances into various categories, called “schedules,” based on the danger and severity of the drugs.

  • Schedule I: This is considered the most dangerous category and includes LSD, mushrooms and heroin. Marijuana is also included as a Schedule I drug, but simple possession of less than an ounce is punished less severely than the others in this schedule, and it is classified as a misdemeanor.
  • Schedule II: This category is one step below Schedule I in severity and includes cocaine, meth and prescription drugs.
  • Schedule III: This category includes steroids.
  • Schedule IV: This includes only prescription drugs that have potential for abuse.

As you can see, even marijuana possession, when possessed in sufficient quantity, can be considered a serious criminal violation. Sale or possession of drugs in even the lowest of these categories can result in significant jail time and fines.

You need to fight back aggressively against criminal drug charges in Georgia. Stacy knows how to fight these charges and protect your future.

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