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Defense Against Violent Crime Charges

Like most states, Georgia takes violent crimes seriously, and the penalties for murder, assault and related charges can be very serious. If you have been charged with a violent crime in Georgia, you should not take these charges lying down.

Attorney Stacy Levy will fight to defend you against violent crime charges. The Lawrenceville attorney brings nearly 30 years of legal experience, all dedicated to criminal defense matters. For clients throughout Georgia, Stacy Levy Law, LLC, is a trusted name in criminal defense.

Classifications Of Murder Charges In Georgia

Murder involves the killing of a human being. Georgia is a little different from most states when it comes to classifying murder charges. Many states have different degrees of murder charges (1st degree, 2nd degree, etc.). Rather, Georgia distinguishes primarily between a killing that is done with intentionality and one that is not. When there is “malice aforethought” – which basically means intention and planning ahead of time – it is called murder. When the killing is done without provocation – as in a spur of the moment, heat-of-passion killing – or if the killing was caused by an accident resulting from reckless behavior (such as a reckless driving homicide), it is called homicide.

Murder is a more serious crime, with penalties that can even include life imprisonment and even the death penalty.

Attorney Stacy Levy understands how serious murder and manslaughter charges can be. She will fight aggressively to get these charges dropped and minimize the consequences for you.

Other Violent Crimes In Georgia

Stacy Levy also defends clients against violent crime charges that can include:

For violent crime charges lesser than murder, Georgia makes a distinction for aggravated crimes. An assault or another violent crime charge becomes aggravated when it involves some factor that makes the crime more serious. Some examples include assaults that involve an intent to murder, use with a deadly weapon or intent to rape.

Numerous factors can heighten assault charges to aggravated assault. All of these charges involve serious consequences, and you need to do whatever you can to mount a strong defense.

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