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What My Clients Are Saying

“I am a therapist who has  collaborated with Stacy for over ten years. I have seen how thorough  she is with her cases and also how compassionate she is with the children and families that she interacts with.  Stacy is also down to earth and very responsive. Stacy is someone whom I would not hesitate to refer to.”


Stacy is one of the most down to earth realist people that I know. She won’t B.S. you and will give you all the facts up front. She is very genuine and really cares about her clients. She fights hard in the courts  and does everything she can to not only help her clients individually but also the affected family members as well.  She came highly recommended to me by another highly regarded lawyer which says alot. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a fighting chance to recover from their mistake and regain their life back.

-Therese Brown

Stacey Levy has to be one of the best lawyers I have hired in Gwinnett county hands down, she communicated very well, conducted business in a professional manner as always. Made me feel like I can come to her with anything, she has us in court no later than a month. I will recommend her services to anyone !!!! She is unmatched. Fights hard for her clients and doesn’t back down.

She even helped us in another case, not even in Gwinnett county. What lawyer do you know who does that?  Killed two birds and one stone. She is someone you would want in YOUR corner! I promise!

-Jasmine Brown

I cannot recommend Stacy Levy highly enough! She is a straight shooter, thorough, honest, and prompt.  She gets results for her clients.


My name is Akilah Robinson and I have been providing Anger Management for Stacy Levy for about 4 years.   I believe that I can effectively vouch for her dedication, hard work, and integrity. I believe that combined with her knowledge of Georgia Law and passion for her clients Stacy has all the experience and knowledge which makes her an excellent Lawyer.  I would recommend her without reservation.


I am writing this testimony as to the character, effort, and hard work of Ms. Levy. She became my son’s public defender when he got a charge with armed robbery. As a public defender she worked had to save my son who had never been in trouble. He was facing 20 years [imprisonment] for a dumb decision he and a so-called friend had made. As a public defender, she got him probation and a first-time offender plea.  I can’t explain how hard she worked while keeping me informed every step of the way.


My son then turns around and got a probation violation for driving on a suspended license and possession of marijuana, and without hesitation, I called Ms. Levy. Because of her hard work as a public defender, I knew there was no one better. This time the charge was not as serious, but he could have lost his first-time offender’s plea. Losing that plea would have been tragic because he would have had to serve that time in prison and at 20 he wasn’t ready for 20 years in prison. While he awaited his time to be served on this charge, the justice system made some mistakes and took my son to prison even though he was to serve his time in the county, because it was a short period of time. I called Ms. Levy she made a few calls and he was back at the county jail within hours and served his short time. She corrected that issue and kept me informed of his location.


We turn around again and my son got another probation violation. Once again, without hesitation, I called Ms. Levy. The violation would have been very serious because he was around a gun and had a bullet in his pocket. Though the gun belonged to someone else he was holding a bullet which is a big violation. Ms. Levy was to the rescue and helped him keep his first offender’s plea with 6 months of county jail time. Ms. Levy is straightforward and doesn’t sugar coat anything. She was hard on my son even though she fought for him as if he were her son. I can’t tell you what choices to make when choosing an attorney but if Ms. Levy isn’t your first and only choice you don’t have the best person representing you for the best possible outcome. Trust her as if she is family, I did!

-R/Dennexx McClendon

While circumstances may be less than ideal for one to find himself in need of legal consultation, Ms. Stacy Levy provides a level of unrelenting service and expertise unmatched by her contemporaries. Ms. Levy’s dedication to her clients’ needs extends far beyond the courtroom, as she approaches each case with a singular goal in mind; exhaust every avenue possible to achieve the optimal result for my client. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely found yourself in search of the ideal attorney for your particular situation. Perhaps you’ve spent hours sifting through online testimonials and reviews, helplessly searching for a perfectly constructed conglomeration of verbiage that has your internal monologue howling, “I’VE FOUND THE ONE!!!” While my words may not offer you such a moment of eureka, know that they are the honest opinion of someone who has had the pleasure of working with Ms. Levy on several occasions. It matters not who you are, or where you come from. If called upon, Ms. Levy provides a combination of brilliant expertise and personal service utterly invaluable to those in need of legal counsel. Ms. Levy measures her success only by that of her clients, illustrating her competence and exemplary persuasion inside as well as beyond the courtroom. Stacy is relentless, uncompromising, and will stop at nothing to ensure that her clients’ wants and needs are not only met, but exceeded. She is the best attorney I have ever had the good fortune of knowing, and you’re a damn fool if you’d employ the services of anyone else.

– Griffin Kunkler